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Your USB-C Cable probably SUCKS! Sooo is that Bad?

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Power Supply:
USB Tester:
USB PD Trigger board:
Continuous Load:
Cord A:
Cable television B:
Wire C:
Wire D:
Cord E:
Wire F:
Wire G:
Cord H:
Wire I:
Cable television J:
Cord K:
Wire L:
Cable television M:

In this video clip we will certainly be having a more detailed look at USB-C cords and also discover out why many of them are in fact not that terrific. I will certainly reveal you just how much power loss 13 various USB-C cords create as well as why many of them do not fulfill the common specifications.

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0:00 The Problem with USB-C Cables.
1:49 Intro.
2:26 60W/100W wires?
3:14 E-Marker Chip?
5:04 Test Setup.
6:42 The Worst Performing Cable.
7:43 Test Results.
9:50 Verdict.