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Transform Gigabit RJ45 to Fiber Optic Using SFP Media Converters

Fiber optic link has many advantages, such as fast speed, people tend to choose it to connect some IP devices to the router by using fiber optic cable. However, fiber optic cable cannot link to the router directly. This video will tell you how to make the RJ45 port on the router to use with fiber optic cable. You will learn how to finish the setup with plug-and-play installation.

0:00: 00 Simple Way to Transform the RJ45 Port of the Router to a Fiber Optic Port
0:01: 06 Required Components of Fiber Optic Network
0:04: 32 Plug & Play Fiber Optic Link Setup
0:07: 07 How to Choose SFP Transceivers?

Here are the products you can see in the video

Gigabit Fiber to Ethernet Media Converter Kit LC Single Mode Fiber

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