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QED Classic 79 Strand speaker cable review – Hifi reviews from Fluteboy (Subtitled)

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With so many different speaker cables to choose from, just where do you start? The hifi press regularly recommend cables costing £5 per metre UPWARDS, which just hits you in the pocket, and may leave you dissatisfied. Sometimes it pays to get back to the basics, and entrust a cable that is relatively cheap, and has been around for over 40 years. Why is this cable still successful? Because it WORKS! It is a true window to your system, and offers no needless colouration. No silver-plating, no cryogenic treatment, no fancy cable geometries, and certainly not the thickness of an elephant’s trunk!

This video is not sponsored by QED, Denon or Dual, although I will gladly receive any of their products for review.

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