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Letshuoer Z Reviews Chimera IEM Upgrade Cable | My Honest Experience & Comparison VS Other IEM Cable

Allow the fight of the cable televisions … BEGIN!

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Is $59 worth it for an “upgrade” wire?
Allow’s figure out

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Where can i obtain audio equipments?
Linsoul –
Hifigo –

0:00 Icebreaker
0:05 Intro
0:10 Opening
0:40 Unboxing
0:52 Design as well as Accessories
1:13 Cable Design
1:51 Competitors
1:58 Raptgo Hook X Cable
2:20 VS Raptgo Cable
3:54 VS EJ07M Kinda Lava Cable
4:33 “Upgrading” EJ07M Kinda Lava
4:50 Design Pairing & Conclusion

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PLEASE NOTE: This is based upon my very own individual experience with this equipment and also does not stand for or show what you or others might experience. The most significant guidance would certainly be to examine as well as attempt ANY equipments by yourself very first before making that acquisition choice

Today we’ll be speaking about an upgrade cord by Letshuoer in organization with the prominent customer, Z Reviews. This is the Letshuoer x Z Reviews Chimera Upgrade Cable.