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How to RUN Fiber Optic In Home to Every Room | Best Home Wiring for Internet / sound / HDMI / gaming

Finest remedy to run fiber optic in home to every area for fiber optic net plus 4k 8k hdmi dp audio video clip sound regulates home cinema link, plus wise home automation controls, plus finest usb usb-c extender for video gaming or virtual reality digital truth, likewise audio speakers plus sub woofer link.
Our Hybrid pre-terminated home fiber optic cable television supplies the most effective fastest fiber optic connection to every space in your house changing all cat6 cat7 cat8 cable television for one solitary incorporated wire that does all the links.
Our Fibercommand Pro fiber optic home circuitry cord links one or several 4k 8k HDMI likewise bi-directional with complete vision atmos 48gbps uncompressed top quality.
This fiber optic wire can prolong numerous DP display screen ports 1440 360hz 4k 8k as much as 1500 feet without loss.
Our fiber optic wire can link or expand USB-C 3 tools at cross country without any lag such as virtual reality online fact headsets or video gaming controllers checks key-board computer mouse.
Our crossbreed fiber clever home circuitry cable television links audio speakers plus wise home gadgets such as wise home automation centers or songs gamers
The fibercommand pro is the most effective incorporated fiber optic cable television to pre-wire cable or re-shape any kind of home bringing the modern-day fiber optic rate to every area drawing simply one cable television.
00:00 Best Fiber Optic Cable For Homes
00:15 Why Fiber optic Is Better Than CAT-6 CAT-7 CAT8
00:30 Why CAT-6 Can not Pass 4K 8K Television or Gaming
01:03 Best Cable for Whole Home Surround
01:23 Best IN-WALL HDMI Cable
01:33 Why Our 4K 8K HDMI Is Better
02:12 All In One Fiber Cable changes several CAT6 with likewise a tiny size
02:23 Our HDMI sustains HD 4K 8K Vision 120Hz and any type of Television or Gaming Format
03:13 Best eARC ARC HDMI Audio Return Channel Extender Cable
03:44 eARC ARC extender using wall surface plate
04:18 How to Connect 4K 8K 120Hz AV Receivers
04:34 How to Pass Our PRO Fiber Optic Cable in Wall or Electric Conduits
04:46 How To Install the Fibercommand PRO fiber optic home entertainment wire
04:59 How To Connect Detachable HDMI discontinuation to the major cable television
06:47 How to Connect Room Television to a Receiver
07:01 How to Connect Room Subwoofer or soundbar to Receiver
07:45 How to arrangement a Universal Remote Control IR Infrared gun to manage AV devices from any kind of area in your house as home av automation
07:59 How to arrangement Triggers or GPI or RS232 serial controls for home automation
08:12 How to Connect Alexa or Google Home or Bluetooth to AV Receiver
08:34 Hot to attach XLR TRS GPI RS232 RS485 RCA SPDIF USB IR Infrared to the area
09:06 XLR Extender for analog or electronic sound link to Unbalanced or well balanced sound AV receivers or Speakers
09:22 How to Connect Triggers or GPI or RS232 485 Serial controls to the area
09:37 AUX Audio extender analog or spdif electronic to or from the space to av receiver to play Bluetooth songs over av receiver area audio speakers or send out aux sound to a soundbar in the area
10:07 How to Setup Universal Remote Control from the Room to the AV Equipment
11:17 Add far away USB 2.0 Extender for Gaming Controllers or remote any kind of computer system or console from the area with no lag with additionally power for the controllers lights and unique functions
11:40 Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Cable with 24 fiber optic hairs to run fiber optic rate to every area for future evidence net rate and finest television or Gaming or Work From Home connection
11:56 How to attach Fiber Optic Cables in Home additionally by means of wall surface plates
12:11 Connect Fiber Internet Ethernet to the Room
14:04 Why not utilize CAT6 for your home network
14:15 Home Fiber Network Benefits
14:28 Connection Example of the Fibercommand PRO fiber optic crossbreed pre-terminated cord
14:44 How to run Two Ethernet Network in your house
15:01 What tools can i attach over fiber optic cable television
15:32 Connect Smart television in the area making use of Fibercommand PRO fiber optic cords
16:00 How to link VOIP Phones or wise home centers or home automation or wifi in every area of your home
16:26 How to attach Home Cinema Projector for finest 4K 8K Video plus web accessibility for streaming television applications
16:39 Fiber Optic Wall Plate setup instance for entire home fiber optic circuitry
17:02 Subwoofer Wall Plate Setup Example
17:34 Direct Connection instance of the Fibercommand Pro Pre-Terminated fiber optic multimedia home circulation wire
17:49 Crestron 8K HDMI AV Rack configuration with spot panels plus space wall surface plates for HDMI 2.1 48gbps vision uncompressed HDR high quality
18:21 How to Setup Multi Zone Home Surround Sound System
18:36 Pre-wire Home for Cinema Home Theater Room
19:37 How to Play Music or Video over TVs or Speakers in every space in your home
19:54 Multiple 4k 8k HDMI over the exact same fiber optic cord
20:30 How to link Ceiling Speakers to AV Receiver
20:40 How to Use Patch Panels and Wall Plates for Fiber Optic circulation in Homes or building and constructions
20:52 Replace HDMI Extenders with contemporary Fiber Optic HDMI
21:19 Multi HDMI plus USB-C over exact same fiber cord
21:48 Display Port plus Computer Control Extender
22:10 Multi HDMI or DP KVM Ethernet Extender Example