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DRIPSTONE CAT6 1000ft 23AWG 550Mhz Solid UTP Ethernet Cable RJ45 CCA Bulk Network LAN Wire RJ45 Easy Pull Box 305M (Black)

Data Transfer Rate: CAT6 cords are made to sustain information transfer prices of up to 10 Gbps (gigabits per secondly). You can utilize CAT6 wires in networks that make use of these older requirements, however the efficiency will certainly be restricted to the capacities of the lowest-rated component.Connector Type: CAT6 cable televisions generally make use of RJ-45 adapters, the conventional adapter for Ethernet links. These adapters have 8

pins and are utilized for both CAT6 and older Ethernet cables.Wire Gauge: CAT6 cords utilize 23 AWG(American Wire Gauge)conductors, which are thicker than the 24 AWG conductors made use of in Cat5e cords.

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