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5 Ways To Increase Security Levels

5 Ways To Increase Security Levels

With the growing concern for security, there are plenty of associations and establishments that could benefit from an increase in the safety measures regarding employees, property, and information. Companies, small businesses, not-for-profit groups, and even schools should take advantage in enhancing the way they protect their interests. Below you will find a few suggestions that could help boost security for an array of different institutions:

Photo ID System

While high schools and large businesses may already utilize photo identification cards, smaller businesses and other associations might not have tapped into the convenience of such a tool. Some of the best photo ID systems are those that delegate varying levels of access according to your rank in a company. With the swipe of an electronic card, gaining entrance to top-level regions of a company are not only monitored but controlled as to who may have access to important files and other information. Implementing such a system can avoid the mishandling of vital data.

Metal Detectors and X-Ray Scans

Unfortunately, we live in a society that has made metal detectors and X-ray scans a necessary tool for increasing the security of a building. High schools and even middle schools across the country have already set up metal detectors to stop the flow of violence and weapon possession. Since drugs are becoming an increasing disturbing problem, X-ray scans may replace the strip and purse searches that are taking place in a handful of institutions. Violence also extends to the corporate world and other business settings, as disgruntled employees have been known to handle their stress in an inappropriate manner. Metal detectors and X-ray scans can avoid physical contact pertaining to employees and students.

Camera Installation

While security guards, onsite police officers, or high school principals don’t have eyes in the back of their heads, cameras may act as an extra set. Camera installation allows officials and executives to get to the root of many problems that may arise in their work setting. For example, the mysterious decrease in office supplies is finally solved through the review of several weeks of tapes or who started the food fight in lunch can be dissected. Cameras not only solve problems, but can help avoid them as well.

Enhanced Computer Protection

In some settings, the computer has become an encyclopedia of personal information regarding a company or school. Important and private files are stored and although passwords and user names are a must to gain access, they are still not 100% protected. Today, a lot of work is also completed on laptops, which are easily portable and make easy theft subjects. Buying laptop security devices allow workers to leave their office or desk without the fear of returning to a stolen computer. Security cables are used to attach the laptop to a heavy chair, table, or desk, making it quite hard for someone to run off with one.

Tightening Financial Controls

One of the biggest fears that an executive or company owner has is the threat of employee theft or dishonesty. These acts of disobedience and disregard can cost the largest businesses billions of dollars on a yearly basis. In the small company sector, embezzlement, stolen inventory, and information leakage can seriously damage the success of a business. To prevent these occurrences and loss of money, tighter financial controls should be implemented.